COVIDSafe Plan

Melbourne Career Expo COVIDSafe Event Management Plan

This plan will outline current COVIDSafe regulations and practices as of 21st April 2022. This will be updated in accordance with any changes to Government Guidelines prior to the event.

Career Exhibitions Pty Ltd, organiser of the Melbourne Career Expo, will ensure this event is run in a COVIDSafe manner in accordance with all Government Guidelines current at the date of the event.

  • If you are unwell – please stay at home
  • If you display any symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 – Please stay at home
  • If you are a close contact of a positive person, it is requested you take a Rapid Antigen Test prior to attending, and only attend if you receive a negative result.

Contract Tracing

At present, there is no regulation to contact trace attendees and exhibitors of this event.

Services Victoria COVIDSafe Check-In QR Code and App

At present, there is no regulation to Check-In at this venue. Should this change prior to the event, this will be updated with Government regulations.


At current, there is no regulation to wear Masks at this venue. If it is mandated by the Victorian Government, at the time of the Melbourne Career Expo, that Masks are to be worn inside the venue, this will be enforced by the venue and event security and event staff. Anyone not complying with this rule will be requested to leave the venue. Statutory exemptions apply.

Hand Sanitising

Hand Sanitising stations will be present at the entry to the event.

It is suggested that Exhibitors have hand sanitiser within their stands. It is suggested that  Exhibitors sanitise any high touch area or equipment throughout opening hours.

Venue Cleaning

Cleaners will be present throughout the event and will regularly clean and sanitise all high touch areas. If you see any area that requires attention, please inform the Event Organiser.

COVIDSafe Signage

COVIDSafe Signage will be present throughout the event directly to visitors to remain at a safe distance and follow health regulations.

Seminar, Stage and CDAA Workshops/Resume Areas

Room and Area density limits will be enforced throughout the event. Each area will have signage to inform Visitors of room limits. Seating will be offered as per the room density limit.

Visitor Number Restrictions

At the time of this notice, the Victorian Government has lifted all restrictions on visitor numbers. The attendee rate at any one time will follow the Density Limits of the floor plan in accordance with OH&S regulations.

Door Security will slow the entry of Visitors, if required, to comply with any change to Government regulations at the time of the event. Event Pass outs will not be given.

Food Sampling and Giveaways

All food sampling must be approved by the Organiser, Venue and the City of Melbourne. Please contact the Event Organiser if you wish to sample food or beverages.

Lolly giveaways must be individually wrapped. Please do not allow visitors to take these, instead allocate staff members with gloves or tongs to distribute to visitors.

If you feel Unwell

If any Visitors, Exhibitors, Contractors or Event Staff become unwell while in attendance at the event you should immediately alert the Event Organiser at the Information Booth or the nearest Event Security Guard. The Event Organiser can also be contacted on 03 9620 9920. The unwell person will be isolated, contact details will be taken and the Venue Management will be made aware. If an Ambulance is required one will be contacted for you.

COVIDSafe Information

All attendees are reminded to follow COVIDSafe Guidelines from the DHHS. These can be found at

Career Exhibitions Pty Ltd Contact

Career Exhibitions Pty Ltd, Organiser of the 2023 Melbourne Career Expo can be contacted on 03 9620 9920 or