A ward-winning plumber Aimee Stanton went from disengaged high school student and one-time beauty therapist to finding her calling when she enrolled in a Certificate II Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship at Swinburne TAFE. Being the only woman in her plumbing course was hard, but Aimee stayed tough. “I didn’t want to be treated differently because I was a girl - I wanted to do everything and anything. Aimee says practical learning and the facilities at her TAFE, like welding bays and sandpits for digging trenches, prepared her for work. “When people think about education they think of sitting in a classroom. “At TAFE, you’re learning every day and you can go off and do all these practical things.” Aimee moved on to compete her Certificate III in Plumbing which led her to an apprenticeship. When she was a fourth year apprentice, Aimee won the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) President’s Award and Best Female Apprentice in her class at Holmesglen TAFE. Since then, Aimee landed a job at AG Coombs specialising in Mechanical Plumbing. “I don’t think I’d have a job today if I didn’t have my pre- apprenticeship. It helped me get the hands-on skills and work experience that employers want.” She says she now realises that other young people today have similar struggles finding their feet. “I don’t think kids realise how many opportunities are out there – and with TAFE, you can explore all those opportunities. You don’t just have to go to uni and get a job – there’s so many different things you can do.” To find out more go to tafe.vic. gov.au or call 131823 TAFE WILL TAKE YOU THERE. TAFE took Aimee there Aimee - TAFE Victoria Ambassador 20-22 July 2018 MELBOURNE CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE, SOUTHWHARF, MELBOURNE REAL JOB OPPORTUNITIES FREE SEMINARS & RESUME ADVICE INFO FOR STUDENTS, APPRENTICES & JOB SEEKERS PLUS EXPERTS FROM TRADE, CORPORATE AND PROFESSIONAL SECTORS DATES FRIDAY 20 JULY 10AM - 3PM SATURDAY 21 JULY 10AM - 4PM SUNDAY 22 JULY 10AM - 4PM careerexpo.com.au Discover your future EVENT GUIDE MELBOURNE CAREER EXPO 1 Call 131 823 or visit tafe.vic.gov.au From Carpentry to Jewellery Making. And everything in between. Tahlee Engineering Matt Carpentry